Author of Self-Discipline 2.0

Daniel Hanke


and thank you for your interest.

I studied business psychology (BA.) and international management (MA.) in Heidelberg, Germany. After three years of professional experience I realized my dream and became the managing director of the "Next Level Education GmbH".

Our goal is to make valuable knowledge as simple and understandable as possible; and to make it accessible to a wide audience.

In 2020, we launched the "EinserFabrik". It is a free German learning platform for high school and college students. All the basic skills for achieving excellent grades are taught here.


In 2021, I published the book "Self-discipline 2.0". There I describe my personal procedures for achieving strong self-discipline and productivity.

Starting in 2022, I'll be focusing on free professional education, here on this website, my YouTube channel, and on numerous other social media sites.

Have fun and good luck!

Daniel Hanke

Author of Self-Discipline 2.0

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