• Daniel Hanke

The Basics of Project Management

Project management is the leadership process by which the project manager gets the project team to achieve all project goals. Projects are unique, extensive, team-oriented, goal-oriented, definable, novel and risky. Every project goes through 4 phases. The start phase begins with the project initiation and ends with the project order. Based on the project order, the project manager uses project management methods to plan the project in the planning phase. The planning is then put into action by the project team in the implementation phase. Once the project goal has been achieved, the closing phase begins, which ends with project documentation. The magic triangle consists of three dimensions that are magically linked. The three dimensions are performance, time and resources. If we want to improve the performance (or quality) of the project, it means that we need either more time or more resources. If the performance of the project deteriorates, it is usually related to a lack of time and resources. This basic relationship can be applied to the other two dimensions as well.

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